Rules For Conservatives

There are twelve rules we must follow to preserve and take-back our Government from the Progressive “Oligarchy of Elites”. The first is the most important.
1. Win Elections at All Levels (Get control of the Government Agenda and the Levers of Power.)
2. Empower Leadership (Support Our Leaders and Our Team Players)
3. Stay United (Don’t Let Anything Split Us Up)
4. Speak Out When Necessary
5. Have an Agenda and Plan (Support the Agenda/Follow the Plan)
6. Provide Needed Funding
7. Define Key Policy Objectives (e.g. Critical Race Theory, Pandemic, Equity vs. Equality, Energy Independence, Climate Change, etc..)
8. Continue Fighting Authoritarian Tyranny (e.g. HealthCare, Welfare, Schools, Courts, Government, Workplace)
9. Expose and Control Existential Threats (e.g. Mainstream Media, Big Tech, Corporate Wokeness)
10. Hold Current Government Accountable
11. Stay Focused on the Important Things
12. Get Results. (Be Active, Don’t Waste Time)


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