Racial Equity vs. Racial Equality

Historically, America has worked hard to enforce Civil Rights by promoting “racial equality” and denouncing racial discrimination. These past efforts are now being replaced by the concept of “racial equity” which dictates that some races are more deserving than others and advocating Critical Race Theory (CRT).

Democrat politicians and unelected bureaucrats at all levels of government are unlawfully making Racial Equity their version of a “black or white issue” (pun intended) by favoring people of color and discriminating against ethnic groups they deem to be essentially unworthy or deserving of punishment.

Many versions of Racial Equity have surfaced: school admissions, education, medical care, housing, jobs, financial assistance, personal freedom, etc.. For example, Federal Pandemic Recovery financial assistance being given to black-only small businesses and farms; but specifically being precluded from other ethnic groups.


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