Critical Race Theory (CRT) Fails The Test

South Africa has been under Black political control beginning in the mid-1990’s when Nelson Mandela became President. All the Government Policy Agenda, the Police and the Levers of Power are controlled by Blacks. Whites are legally second class citizens. Businesses must wrap themselves into crony capitalism, corrupt, Government financial arrangements to survive.

Today, South Africa is one of the most politically corrupt and violent Country’s in the World. The Black population experiences enormous poverty and even hunger. Black unemployment currently is 32% and only 25% of youth have jobs. The status of Blacks is not improved or worse than in the days of apartheid under White control. Yet, some Black politicians (after 25-years of Black control of Government) still blame Whites as the reason for todays problems.

Violence against Whites (and even poor Blacks) is increasing. White owned property is being confiscated without remuneration and threats of White genocide are surfacing. Rioting and looting are increasing, similar to what America experienced over the past eighteen months.

Thinkin of Nelson Mandela, it is proper to ask “When Will The Politicians Fix This”.

Click HERE to read an Article by Kenan Malik from The Guardian to get more details on South Africa.

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