2022 New World Awareness (NWA)

As 2022 approaches, it is clear a “New World Awareness (NWA)” is developing driven by the “Covid Hoax” which started in late-2019 and the associated Global Elite “New World Order (NWO)”. Many concerned citizens, all over the World, are realizing that their Governments are taking away their power and freedom by imposing Marxism using Covid Health Fears as a justification. Some “Non-Aware” citizens do not yet realize, or do not yet accept, the full-extent of what is happening. The “Aware” should understand this is not completely unreasonable given the “Non-Aware” personal backgrounds and ideologies; and the high-level of propaganda, lies and misinformation that influences their thinking. They are always welcome to join our cause, but we have enough others to succeed.

The objective truth is Covid-19 is not a deadly disease, it is similar to Influenza where only some health-compromised and elderly are at risk. Using available treatment therapeutics, instead of vaccinations, would have saved millions of lives globally. All current Covid-19 vaccines do more harm than good and their risks exceed their benefits. The vaccines do not work effectively for prevention, which is their purpose, they have no treatment value, and they require multiple boosters. In addition, some vaccines remove natural immunity forever, and they allow break-through infections which create super spreaders. Some vaccines use new, untried, designs which modify human DNA, the health impact of which may not be known for years to come. All vaccines were not tested properly and should not have been given EUA status.

The good news is that as our NWA Alliance gets more traction, we have 8 billion people to be part of our Team. It’s up to us to build the case for our desired results and take action. The more successful we become, the lonelier it will become for the NWO Leaders (their supporters have good political traits and survival instincts and will disappear quickly).

If we all work together for our common good 2022 WILL BE A BANNER YEAR.

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