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California Climate Plans 2023

California’s Air Resources Board on December 15,2022 unanimously approved a sweeping State Plan to battle climate change, creating a new blueprint for the next five years to cut carbon emissions, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and speed up the transition to renewable energy. Their Plan could serve as a roadmap for other states and countries  Full Article…

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California Water Shortages

California’s leaders, legislators and agencies, along with their Federal counterparts, are not addressing the State’s severe water shortages. In a recent study, NASA scientists found that a previously unmeasured source—water percolating through soil and fractured rock below California’s Sierra Nevada mountains—delivers an average of 4 million acre feet (5 cubic kilometers) of water to the  Full Article…

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Climate Change Background

Our research shows that the earth’s climate is not being changed significantly due to mankind. Our findings: 1) Earth is not currently getting warmer due to things mankind is doing. The average global surface temperature and sea level has not changed significantly for 8,000 years (including 1850 to 2000). Since daily temperatures were recorded in  Full Article…

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