California Colleges Woke and Suppress Free Speech

Turning Point USA Charlie Kirk University of California Davis Mar 14, 2023 speech had antifa riots and his Stanford-like shunning is mirror of today’s colleges.

UC Davis Chancellor May pronouncement before speech was a lie about Kirk wanting to kill transgenders and set standard of “monitoring” Kirk instead of following the stated UCD Hate Free Together Program. This is Wrong.

UC California wokeness and lack of free speech should not be a surprise considering Janet Napolitano was President from 2013 when she left as Secretary of Obama’s Department of Homeland Security until 2020. She was censored for misleading Budget Practices at UC. Napolitano worked to implement Obama’s Civilian National Security Force at DHS and purchased billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition, MRAPS and trained inner city youth. She is now a member of Biden’s Intelligence Advisory Board.

California tax payers are funding over 235,000 UC employees for 280,000 students. There are likely more “employees” if all support staff and contractor-equivalents are included.

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