AB659 Mandates HPV VAX In California Schools

CA AB659, if passed, will require the Human Papillomavirus (#HPV) vaccine to attend #California 8-12 grade in public or private school, starting January 1 2024. There are currently no exemptions. This will require 2 or 3 injections per child depending on age.

Since many parents believe these vaccinations should be by choice not mandated by government, AB659 should not be signed.

Clear #CDC #VAX guidelines and #legalrecourse are needed for violations of #doctor, #patient and #parentalrights; plus effective controls to prevent abuses, such as combining #HPV, #FLU, #Covid19, etc. vaccines into a single dosage “cocktail” administered under laws like #California #AB659.

All the following content was taken from the CDC website.

Click HERE to view the CDC PDF.

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