Cannabis is King in California

Today, about one in five people in California use cannabis regularly and it has become something of a health trend – not simply legal and above board but, the smart thing to do. Now, you don’t have to smoke the cannabis. You can eat, drink and bathe in it, rub it on and even brush your teeth with cannabis toothpaste.

An estimated 40% of Californians say they’ve dabbled at least once. This shows major growth since California became the first US state to authorize the sale of cannabis for medical reasons in 1996 after a handful of studies showed small doses of the drug were beneficial for patients suffering cancer pain.

  • Over the past few years, doctors in California have begun to voice concerns about the repercussions of increasing cannabis use, including depressive breakdowns, psychosis, suicidal thoughts.
  • Heavy cannabis users are more likely to need ER treatment and get involved in accidents.
  • Los Angeles, followed by San Diego, is experiencing major cannabis-use growth.
  • Despite “legalization” in California the cannabis black market has grown by nearly 100%.
  • A major review of 25 studies concluded there was insufficient evidence for the long-term pain-relieving effect of cannabis.
  • As for mental health, a 2020 review by psychiatrists at the University of Melbourne concluded the evidence is ‘too weak’ to prove cannabis helps anxiety, depression or insomnia.
  • Scientists overwhelmingly conclude that frequent use of the drug is not worth the risks.

Excerpts from Eve Simmons, Article for “The Mail On Sunday” 2022, July 7

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