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California Can Vote Republican in 2024

To WIN California 2024 Elections, Conservatives must inform and gain support from all Voters. Conservatives must recognize that most Californians are non-woke and value Family, Freedom, Equality, Education, Economic Success, Personal Safety and Religion. Conservatives must convince people a Republican Vote does count and is needed to Take Back California from the Democrat and Progressive  Full Article…

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California Dreamin

California 2022 Election would have resulted in a Conservative Governor and Assembly if 75% of Republicans and 50% of “American Independent” and “No Party Pref” showed up and voted Conservative. Let’s see what we can do with recalls and US Senate Elections? (e.g. gascon and schiff) Following is the Model showing Forecasted Conservative Heavy Turn-Out  Full Article…

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California Conservatives Must Get Active

Liberal California politicians and bureaucrats have changed California to a third-world Country. We need Conservatives to bring it back to the Glory Days! California has been labelled a “Blue State” for years. It actually is generally conservative except for a few Democrat big cities (e.g. Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, etc..). In the  Full Article…

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Covid-19 Facts

1. Covid-19 is not a “Killer Disease”. It is a viral respiratory health condition similar to influenza where high-risk patients (elderly, comorbidities, weak immune) may need significant medical attention. Covid-19 survival rates by age: 0-19 99.997%, 20-49 99.98%, 50-69 99.5%, 70+ 94.6%. Note: The accuracy of RT-PCR tests has been questioned. 2. Current Covid-19 vaccines  Full Article…

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Keep California Great!

HOW DO WE KEEP CALIFORNIA GREAT! 1. Enforce Laws, Stop Crime and Push Back Against All Government Tyranny and Freedom Restrictions. 2. Primary all the “Long-Term”, “Crooked” Assembly and Senate (of all parties) to get a fresh start; Elect fair, honest, competent and hard-working people who understand and respect their job; and who wish to  Full Article…