Covid Is Government Control

Governments all over the world have responded to widespread fear of Covid-19 and are controlling their populations by lock-downs, Covid-19 vaccination/mask mandates, and social distancing. They have turned our world upside down with the stated goal of saving our lives from a “virus” that is no more deadly than Influenza when treated properly. Government bureaucrats, media, big pharma and big tech have suppressed contrary evidence and opinions. THIS IS CRIMINAL AND DEADLY BEHAVIOR.

PUSH-BACK on this insanity with all your resources and take back control of your lives (and governments). LEARN THE FACTS, GET INVOLVED, STOP MANDATORY VACCINATIONS AND MASKS, DO NOT VACCINATE CHILDREN.


1. Covid-19 is NOT A “KILLER DISEASE”. It is a viral respiratory health condition similar to Influenza where high-risk patients (elderly, comorbidities, weak immune) need significant medical attention. Covid-19 survival rates by age: 0-19 99.997%, 20-49 99.98%, 50-69 99.5%, 70+ 97.6% 70+(High-Risk) 94.5%. Children are at greater risk from injury, homicide, suicide and other illnesses.
2. Current Covid-19 VACCINES DO NOT WORK and may cause serious problems for the Vaccinated.
* Covid-19 Vaccines have side effects of blood clotting and other vascular issues,
* Covid-19 Vaccines now appear to lose effectiveness within months, and they may promote mutations of new variants
* Those with prior Covid-19 infections have 27 times more natural immunity than the Vaccinated.
3. Current Covid-19 RT-PCR testing is not accurate and cannot determine variants.
5. Covid-19 case and death reporting is not accurate and highly inflated.
6. Non-Vaccine, low cost, easy to administer at home, proven and highly effective Covid-19 therapeutics are available that have been successfully administered to millions (e.g. Antibiotics such as Azithromycin plus zinc Ionophores (Quercetin, EGCG, Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin)). Many governments have banned the use of these therapeutic treatments. Several regions of India are now Covid-free using Ivermectin (240 million people).
7. Only “in-hospital” treatment has been provided by the governments which is expensive, consumes limited hospital resources, and may actually increase deaths. Ivermectin cost $0.12USD, HydroxyChloroquine cost $0.20USD, Remdisiver cost $2,400.00+USD; In-hospital cost $13,000.00+USD, In-hospital Intensive Care Unit cost $30,000.00+USD; home cost =$0.00USD. Many patients admitted to hospitals tested positive but are asymptomatic and mildly affected, over half are vaccinated. Many are in hospital for other reasons and tested positive. Many deaths attributed to Covid had other primary causes of death.
8. Forced lock-downs and internment of Citizens is unwarranted Government Control without any Covid-19 justification.


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